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6/13/2020 at Placerville Speedway - Placerville, CA

360 Sprints - Winged
Gates & Concession Stand Open (w/limited menu) at 2:55pm for Online Ticket Holders. Happy Hour with live entertainment is from 4pm - 6pm featuring discounted Coors & Coors Lt. 4:30 Autograph Session in concession area (30 minutes) 5:30 Wheel Packing - followed by hot lap sessions 6:00 Qualifying Opening Ceremonies 7:00 Heat Races No outside food or beverages will be permitted. Smoking and/or vaping are limited to designated areas ONLY & not permitted in the grandstands or bleachers. No weapons of any kind are permitted. Bags & persons are subject to search upon entry. In & out privileges will be limited after the completion of Heat Races. Camping is available & space can be reserved by calling the El Dorado County Fairgrounds & Event Center at 530-621-5860.

360 Sprints - Winged

A Feature 1

30 laps | 00:19:03
14Justyn CoxSacramento, CA7C
25Colby CopelandRoseville, CA5C
39Michael FaccintoHanford, CA5H
43Ryan RobinsonForesthill, CA14W
51Tony GualdaModesto, CA23R
66Blake CarrickLincoln, CA38B
715Sean BeckerRoseville, CA5V
811Mitchell FaccintoHanford, CA37
912Tanner CarrickLincoln, CA83T
1013Willie CroftColfax, CA56
1121Shane HopkinsPlacerville, CA21
1222J.J. HickleQuilcene, WA63
1317Zane BlanchardHanford, CA7Z
1424Joey AnconaConcord, CA88A
1514Jodie RobinsonRoseville, CA34
1618Greg Decaires VElk Grove, CA94
1719Bobby ButlerSacramento, CA57B
187Devon BordenRaymond, WA8
198Kalib HenrySacramento, CA17
2010Michael IngChico, CA21M
2120Chase JohnsonPenngrove, CA24
2216D.J. NettoHanford, CA88N
232Andy ForsbergAuburn, CAX1
2423J.J. RingoMorgan Hill, CA2

B Feature 1

15 laps | 00:03:31
12Shane HopkinsPlacerville, CA21
28J.J. HickleQuilcene, WA63
31J.J. RingoMorgan Hill, CA2
44Joey AnconaConcord, CA88A
515Spencer BaystonLebanon, IN21T
611Stephen IngrahamFair Oaks, CA93
73John ClarkWindsor, CA12J
89Chase MajdicRedding, CA2X
914Andy GreggPlacerville, CA16X
105Michael SellersSacramento, CA15
1113Max MittryRedding, CA2XM
127Ben WorthCoalinga, CA01W
1316Brad DillardOakdale, CA72S
1412Michael MillardBremerton, WA23
156Chelsea BlevinsJanesville, CA1B
1610Cody LamarRio Linda, CA9L

C Feature 1

12 laps | 00:08:26
11Andy GreggPlacerville, CA16X
212Spencer BaystonLebanon, IN21T
35Brad DillardOakdale, CA72S
48Stephen IngrahamFair Oaks, CA93
59Joel Myers JrSanta Rosa, CA46JR
66C.J. HumphreysPlacerville, CA85
77Ashlyn RodriguezWilton, CA87
83Chris MastersNapa, CA98
913Jimmy TrulliPlacerville, CA33T
1011Lonny AltonCameron Park, CA57A
114Mike CookPlacerville, CA5
DNS-A.J. AldermanPlacerville, CA53
DNS-Tyler BrownElk Grove, CA9
DNS-Colby JohnsonPenngrove, CA38

Dash 1

6 laps | 00:04:03
12Tony GualdaModesto, CA23R
26Andy ForsbergAuburn, CAX1
34Ryan RobinsonForesthill, CA14W
41Justyn CoxSacramento, CA7C
57Colby CopelandRoseville, CA5C
63Blake CarrickLincoln, CA38B
75Devon BordenRaymond, WA8
88Kalib HenrySacramento, CA17

Heat 1

10 laps | 00:08:49
12Tony GualdaModesto, CA23R
21Michael IngChico, CA21M
34Colby CopelandRoseville, CA5C
48Zane BlanchardHanford, CA7Z
56Bobby ButlerSacramento, CA57B
67J.J. RingoMorgan Hill, CA2
710Ben WorthCoalinga, CA01W
83Chase MajdicRedding, CA2X
912A.J. AldermanPlacerville, CA53
105Brad DillardOakdale, CA72S
119Tyler BrownElk Grove, CA9
1211Jimmy TrulliPlacerville, CA33T

Heat 2

10 laps | 00:02:17
12Ryan RobinsonForesthill, CA14W
23Michael FaccintoHanford, CA5H
34Devon BordenRaymond, WA8
47Sean BeckerRoseville, CA5V
58Greg Decaires VElk Grove, CA94
612Joey AnconaConcord, CA88A
79Chelsea BlevinsJanesville, CA1B
85Cody LamarRio Linda, CA9L
911Chris MastersNapa, CA98
1010Ashlyn RodriguezWilton, CA87
111Joel Myers JrSanta Rosa, CA46JR
126Spencer BaystonLebanon, IN21T

Heat 3

10 laps | 00:05:33
13Blake CarrickLincoln, CA38B
25Mitchell FaccintoHanford, CA37
38Willie CroftColfax, CA56
41D.J. NettoHanford, CA88N
54Kalib HenrySacramento, CA17
69John ClarkWindsor, CA12J
77Michael SellersSacramento, CA15
810Michael MillardBremerton, WA23
92Andy GreggPlacerville, CA16X
106C.J. HumphreysPlacerville, CA85

Heat 4

10 laps | 00:02:17
12Andy ForsbergAuburn, CAX1
24Justyn CoxSacramento, CA7C
31Tanner CarrickLincoln, CA83T
43Jodie RobinsonRoseville, CA34
55Chase JohnsonPenngrove, CA24
66Shane HopkinsPlacerville, CA21
77J.J. HickleQuilcene, WA63
88Stephen IngrahamFair Oaks, CA93
99Max MittryRedding, CA2XM
1011Mike CookPlacerville, CA5
1110Lonny AltonCameron Park, CA57A

Qualifying Group 1

11Colby CopelandRoseville, CA5C10.919
211Chase MajdicRedding, CA2X10.940
33Tony GualdaModesto, CA23R11.022
42Michael IngChico, CA21M11.083
55Brad DillardOakdale, CA72S11.096
66Bobby ButlerSacramento, CA57B11.147
78J.J. RingoMorgan Hill, CA211.195
87Zane BlanchardHanford, CA7Z11.198
94Tyler BrownElk Grove, CA911.370
109Ben WorthCoalinga, CA01W11.379
1112Jimmy TrulliPlacerville, CA33T11.524
1210A.J. AldermanPlacerville, CA5311.711

Qualifying Group 2

19Devon BordenRaymond, WA810.829
22Michael FaccintoHanford, CA5H10.924
34Ryan RobinsonForesthill, CA14W10.936
412Joel Myers JrSanta Rosa, CA46JR10.958
57Cody LamarRio Linda, CA9L10.968
610Spencer BaystonLebanon, IN21T10.980
71Sean BeckerRoseville, CA5V11.062
83Greg Decaires VElk Grove, CA9411.127
96Chelsea BlevinsJanesville, CA1B11.314
1011Ashlyn RodriguezWilton, CA8711.583
115Chris MastersNapa, CA9811.743
128Joey AnconaConcord, CA88A12.090

Qualifying Group 3

11Kalib HenrySacramento, CA1711.001
28Blake CarrickLincoln, CA38B11.041
310Andy GreggPlacerville, CA16X11.121
411D.J. NettoHanford, CA88N11.136
56Mitchell FaccintoHanford, CA3711.219
62C.J. HumphreysPlacerville, CA8511.239
75Michael SellersSacramento, CA1511.305
89Willie CroftColfax, CA5611.433
97John ClarkWindsor, CA12J11.755
104Michael MillardBremerton, WA2312.000
113Colby JohnsonPenngrove, CA380.000

Qualifying Group 4

14Justyn CoxSacramento, CA7C10.991
23Jodie RobinsonRoseville, CA3411.021
32Andy ForsbergAuburn, CAX111.032
45Tanner CarrickLincoln, CA83T11.128
511Chase JohnsonPenngrove, CA2411.263
69Shane HopkinsPlacerville, CA2111.353
77J.J. HickleQuilcene, WA6311.443
81Stephen IngrahamFair Oaks, CA9311.612
910Max MittryRedding, CA2XM11.822
108Lonny AltonCameron Park, CA57A13.900
116Mike CookPlacerville, CA50.000
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