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7/4/2020 at Placerville Speedway - Placerville, CA

360 Sprints - Winged
Gates & Concession Stand Open (w/limited menu) at 2:55pm for Online Ticket Holders. Happy Hour with live entertainment is from 4pm - 6pm featuring discounted Coors & Coors Lt. 4:30 Autograph Session in concession area (30 minutes) 5:30 Wheel Packing - followed by hot lap sessions 6:00 Qualifying Opening Ceremonies 7:00 Heat Races No outside food or beverages will be permitted. Smoking and/or vaping are limited to designated areas ONLY & not permitted in the grandstands or bleachers. No weapons of any kind are permitted. Bags & persons are subject to search upon entry. In & out privileges will be limited after the completion of Heat Races. Camping is available & space can be reserved by calling the El Dorado County Fairgrounds & Event Center at 530-621-5860.

360 Sprints - Winged

A Feature

30 laps | 00:18:02.204
16Colby CopelandRoseville, CA5C
24Shane GolobicFremont, CA17W
39Michael FaccintoHanford, CA5H
43Chase MajdicRedding, CA2X
51Mitchell FaccintoHanford, CA37
68Tony GualdaModesto, CA23R
712Sean BeckerRoseville, CA5V
85Kaleb MontgomeryTempleton, CA3
910Blake CarrickLincoln, CA38B
107Andy ForsbergAuburn, CAX1
1119Michael SellersSacramento, CA15
1211Tanner CarrickLincoln, CA83T
1315Jodie RobinsonRoseville, CA34
1421Zane BlanchardHanford, CA7Z
1524Shane HopkinsPlacerville, CA21
1613Jake MorganFair Oaks, CA45
1717Michael IngChico, CA21M
1814Trent CanalesRoseville, CA5T
1923Jimmy TrulliPlacerville, CA33T
2022Greg Decaires VElk Grove, CA94
212Justin BradwayFair Oaks, CA80N
2216Brent BjorkFremont, CA7B
2318Ryan RobinsonForesthill, CA14W
2420Eric HumphriesFresno, CA33H

B Feature

15 laps | 00:09:20
12Zane BlanchardHanford, CA7Z
21Greg Decaires VElk Grove, CA94
33Jimmy TrulliPlacerville, CA33T
414Shane HopkinsPlacerville, CA21
54John ClarkWindsor, CA12J
69Stephen IngrahamFair Oaks, CA93
75Joel Myers JrSanta Rosa, CA46JR
87Chris MastersNapa, CA98
916Cody SpencerFair Oaks, CA2
108Ashlyn RodriguezWilton, CA87
1118Max MittryRedding, CA2XM
1213Justin JohnsonShingle Springs, CA25
136C.J. HumphreysPlacerville, CA85
1415Mike CookPlacerville, CA5
1512Lonny AltonCameron Park, CA57A
1611A.J. AldermanPlacerville, CA53
1710Brad DillardOakdale, CA72S
1817Justyn CoxSacramento, CA7C


6 laps | 00:01:42
11Mitchell FaccintoHanford, CA37
23Justin BradwayFair Oaks, CA80N
32Chase MajdicRedding, CA2X
44Shane GolobicFremont, CA17W
57Kaleb MontgomeryTempleton, CA3
65Colby CopelandRoseville, CA5C
78Andy ForsbergAuburn, CAX1
86Tony GualdaModesto, CA23R

Heat 1

10 laps | 00:04:25
11Kaleb MontgomeryTempleton, CA3
22Michael FaccintoHanford, CA5H
33Sean BeckerRoseville, CA5V
44Andy ForsbergAuburn, CAX1
55Ryan RobinsonForesthill, CA14W
66Zane BlanchardHanford, CA7Z
77C.J. HumphreysPlacerville, CA85
89Brad DillardOakdale, CA72S
98Justin JohnsonShingle Springs, CA25
1010Max MittryRedding, CA2XM

Heat 2

10 laps | 00:16:39
13Mitchell FaccintoHanford, CA37
24Shane GolobicFremont, CA17W
310Jodie RobinsonRoseville, CA34
47Brent BjorkFremont, CA7B
59Eric HumphriesFresno, CA33H
65Greg Decaires VElk Grove, CA94
76Joel Myers JrSanta Rosa, CA46JR
81Stephen IngrahamFair Oaks, CA93
98Shane HopkinsPlacerville, CA21
102Justyn CoxSacramento, CA7C

Heat 3

10 laps | 00:03:38
13Colby CopelandRoseville, CA5C
22Blake CarrickLincoln, CA38B
31Jake MorganFair Oaks, CA45
44Chase MajdicRedding, CA2X
55Michael SellersSacramento, CA15
66Jimmy TrulliPlacerville, CA33T
78Ashlyn RodriguezWilton, CA87
89Lonny AltonCameron Park, CA57A
97Cody SpencerFair Oaks, CA2

Heat 4

10 laps | 00:02:19
11Tony GualdaModesto, CA23R
23Tanner CarrickLincoln, CA83T
32Trent CanalesRoseville, CA5T
45Michael IngChico, CA21M
54Justin BradwayFair Oaks, CA80N
68John ClarkWindsor, CA12J
77Chris MastersNapa, CA98
89A.J. AldermanPlacerville, CA53
96Mike CookPlacerville, CA5

Qualifying Group #1

110Andy ForsbergAuburn, CAX110.715
21Sean BeckerRoseville, CA5V10.808
36Michael FaccintoHanford, CA5H10.831
47Kaleb MontgomeryTempleton, CA310.891
54Ryan RobinsonForesthill, CA14W11.074
68Zane BlanchardHanford, CA7Z11.077
73C.J. HumphreysPlacerville, CA8511.167
82Justin JohnsonShingle Springs, CA2511.221
95Brad DillardOakdale, CA72S11.234
109Max MittryRedding, CA2XM11.582

Qualifying Group #2

19Shane GolobicFremont, CA17W10.742
26Mitchell FaccintoHanford, CA3710.823
33Justyn CoxSacramento, CA7C10.989
45Stephen IngrahamFair Oaks, CA9311.062
58Greg Decaires VElk Grove, CA9411.065
67Joel Myers JrSanta Rosa, CA46JR11.101
74Brent BjorkFremont, CA7B11.177
82Shane HopkinsPlacerville, CA2111.226
91Eric HumphriesFresno, CA33H11.341
1010Jodie RobinsonRoseville, CA3411.383

Qualifying Group #3

15Chase MajdicRedding, CA2X10.796
21Colby CopelandRoseville, CA5C10.826
39Blake CarrickLincoln, CA38B10.995
46Jake MorganFair Oaks, CA4511.082
58Michael SellersSacramento, CA1511.224
62Jimmy TrulliPlacerville, CA33T11.268
77Cody SpencerFair Oaks, CA211.440
84Ashlyn RodriguezWilton, CA8711.707
93Lonny AltonCameron Park, CA57A13.078

Qualifying Group #4

12Justin BradwayFair Oaks, CA80N11.080
27Tanner CarrickLincoln, CA83T11.154
33Trent CanalesRoseville, CA5T11.181
48Tony GualdaModesto, CA23R11.193
59Michael IngChico, CA21M11.338
61Mike CookPlacerville, CA511.384
75Chris MastersNapa, CA9811.391
84John ClarkWindsor, CA12J11.401
96A.J. AldermanPlacerville, CA5311.575
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